Elevator up-gradation solutions to modernize the system including Machine Room Less system

Wide choice of Visual display and Audio systems for elevator

Putting leading technology product to improve elevator experience

Innovative new products for escalator

Diverse technology product to improve security, safety and comfort of passenger

Wide choice of design, colour and shapes for push button and touch buttons

Complete Co-branded solutions for low rise elevator solution.

Peripheral field components to offer you one stop shop

Our Partners

So what's this all about?

Eleva Tech is established to enable various latest technologies for elevators. We work with diverse technology players from various part of world to integrate their products for elevators.We supply and provide technical assistance to integrate these product. We have products in various verticals that add value to elevator and improve elevator experience.

If you are looking to improve elevator experience and have specific problem write to us on solutions@elevatech.in
If you have proven technology product which can help to improve elevator experience write to us on technology@elevatech.in